СТАРТИРАЙ СОБСТВЕН БИЗНЕС! Стани партньор на ДРИНК ЕНД ДРАЙВ БГ в град Пловдив или град Варна


Ако сте бизнес настроении искате да работите за себе си можете да се присъедините към “Drink and Drive” идеята. ДРИНК ЕНД ДРАЙВ БГ ЕООД е собственик на търговска марка “DRINK and DRIVE – Вие пиете, ние шофираме” при Патентно Ведомство

Drunk driver “broke” alcotest with 3.37 per thousand


He was caught when checking in Separeva bathroom Drunken citizen of Doupnitsa managed to get behind the wheel of your car and run it. Soon, however, the drunkard was busted by police politsaite.Barzo proceedings initiated against RPD Doupnitsa 34-year-old driver

Laboratories measure alcohol drunk drivers, they want


The discrepancy comes from the different ways of working with samples “Laboratory measured samples of drunk drivers as they wanted ,” says ” labor.” Each laboratory measured the alcohol content in the blood, as you wanted. Missing a medical standard

Drunk driver did its best fence and took to his heels


Police found him after a brief search, the alcohol content in his blood exceeds 2 per thousand On April 1 , around 18:25 , a message is received for the crash occurred “Hadji Dimitar ” in Kavarna. It was found

Drunk with irregular booklet is stuck in “Renault”


Nearly 2.50 per thousand blood alcohol breathalyzer track record . The man escaped without injury Drunk driver miraculously escaped without injury in a car accident that caused his own. The incident occurred around 14.00 yesterday on ” Woodrow Wilson ,”

Drunk youth smashed 20 cars in Haskovo (photos)


In common was that they are relatively expensive 23 -year-old broke the windows of dozens of expensive cars in Haskovo this morning between 6 and 7:00 . Initial estimates unbroken between 15 and 20 cars. Vehicles were parked on different

Drunk driver spent a night in Pazardzhik arrest


That night on the street in the district town patrol in section “traffic police” stopped to check a car “Peugeot”. Usher BN of 51year. Pazardzhik been tested with “breathalyzer.” The instrument track record of 1.50 per thousand alcohol concentration. This

Drunk driver was arrested by officers of the RPD Asenovgrad


Drunk driver was arrested yesterday by officers of the RPD – the town. Shortly before midnight uniforms stopped a city car “Mercedes”. The driver JS / ’62 / By Bolyartsi been tested for alcohol breathalyzer, which reported 1.64 per thousand.

Handcuffs drunk driver with 2.70 per thousand


Detained for 24 hours Once a driver is uploaded to drive drunk caught police. 24 hours was arrested S.CH. 29, from the village Elhovets. They got it yesterday around 2:55 in the m-st “St. Nicholas” on Turner buses. The man

(Български) В гъстата мъгла пиян шофьор не уцели мост и се метна в река


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